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Why to Choose MYT's Flexible Duct to Connect the Machine


The flexible air pipe connecting machine produced by MYT has the advantages of no axial constraint, and the structure can complete the functions of expansion or contraction, which is suitable for the quick connection of new pipes and temporary pipes. It needs no hot work or welding, is allowed to stagger and change the axis, and can connect pipes in different materials, diameter and wall thickness.

It has the advantages of quick installation, simple method, easy disassembly, reusability, good sealing performance and strong anti-corrosion ability. The short head of uneven pipe can be connected without treatment, which is light and space saving. It can be installed even in a narrow space. There are two options: long type and common type, which can be selected according to the pipe spacing.

Flexible air duct connecting machine is a new type of pipe connecting device, which is different from the traditional connecting parts. It uses stainless steel and rubber to make component combination device to achieve the sealing and pressure bearing function, and the sealing function is significant. During construction, there is no need to do any treatment for the pipe end. As long as the connector is sleeved on the two pipe ends to be connected and the side bolts are tightened, the function of limit fixation can be achieved.


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