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Why is the Camless Spring Making Machine Becoming More Popular?

The Camless spring making machine is a leading equipment type at present, which can achieve a better process and efficiency. Although this equipment’s price-cost is higher than other spring machines, it is favored by many manufacturers now. So why is the camless spring making machine becoming more popular?


It Can Achieve Complex Processing:

With the rapid development of modern industry, many spring products have been used in precision and complex products or instruments, which means that there are higher requirements for the shape, performance, and accuracy of the spring with diverse trends of development. But it is difficult for the traditional spring machine to produce a complex spring. However, the camless spring making machine, equipped with claw arms driven by an independent servo motor, can achieve flexible operation of each curved arm. It also combines with a rotating wire, curling, robot, and free manipulator to achieve more complex functions, so it can process various types of springs.


More Simple and Convenient Debugging:

With the increasing complexity of spring processing, the traditional spring machine tends to need complex debugging in the face of complex spring processing, which has a great impact on operators and production efficiency. However, the camless spring making machine drives the station through an independent servo motor. It can set the corresponding command parameters at the controller end to achieve a specific moving trajector. This can obviously reduce the difficulty of debugging the machine, bring a more convenient debugging process, and save the time of debugging the machine.


Higher Productivity:

The rapid development of enterprises needs the support of production capacity. Many spring manufacturers need more efficient spring machines to improve production capacity, and most of the camless spring making machines are equipped with corresponding devices with crimping function, line turning function and manipulator, which can easily complete multi-angle and complex special shape spring forming, bringing more efficient processing and production efficiency. Moreover, the process of the equipment is more precise and stable, which can better guarantee the processing quality of the spring!


Although the price-cost of the camless spring making machine is high, it can realize more complex spring processing, and effectively improve the production capacity and spring quality of spring manufacturers. Because it has a good application advantage for spring manufacturers in the high-end field, it is widely welcomed by the market. MYT provides high-quality multi-axis camless spring making machines. Welcome to contact and consult us if you need it. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China