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Why is Camless Spring Machine More Popular?

Camless spring machine is currently the leading type in the market, as it has better process ability and higher efficiency. Although it has higher price and cost than other spring machines, it is still the most favored equipment by many manufacturers at present. Then why are camless spring machines more popular?

1. Camless spring machine is able to realise complex processing

With the rapid development of modern industry, many spring products have been used in sophisticated products or instruments, which have higher requirements on the shape, performance, and accuracy of springs. Also, they are developing in a diversified trend. Traditional spring machines are difficult to process and produce complex springs. On the contrary, since the camless spring machine is equipped with an independent servo motor to drive the claw arm, each crank arm can be operated flexibly. Moreover, it can also be combined with wire turning, crimping, robots and free manipulators to achieve more complex functions and process various types of spring.

2. Debugging of camless spring machine is easier and more convenient

As the complexity of spring processing increases, traditional spring machines often require complex debugging in the face of complex spring processing, which has a greater impact on operators and production efficiency. The camless spring machine is driven by an independent servo motor to drive. The corresponding command parameters can be set on the controller side to achieve a specific running track, which significantly reduces the difficulty of machine debugging, brings more conveniences and saves the debugging time.

3. Camless spring machine has higher productivity

As high productivity is needed to support the rapid development of enterprises, many spring manufacturers need more efficient spring machines to increase their production capacity. Most of the camless spring machines are equipped with crimping function, wire transfer function and manipulators, which can easily form the spring with multi-angle and complicated special shapes. The camless spring machine can improve the efficiency of processing and production, provide more precise and stable processing process, and better guarantee the quality of the spring.

Although the price of camless spring machine is high, it can process more complicated spring and effectively improve the productivity and spring quality. As the camless machine has good application advantages for spring manufacturers in the high-end field, it is widely accepted by the market. MYT provides high-quality multi-axis camless spring machines. Customers in need are welcome to contact us for consultation. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China