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What Processing Equipment should a Complete Duct Production Line Have?

Different duct equipment in the duct production line plays an irreplaceable role in each link:

Nip machine: Utilizing the design of ball bearing, the blank pressing operation of the sheet material, the production of joint angles, and the processing of various bone shapes of different shapes can reduce the machine wear to a minimum, which is especially suitable for construction sites and processing plants without special personnel maintenance.


Side folding machine: The most common one is the manual one, which has a wide variety of specifications. The biggest advantage is that it can adjust the upper mold or the lower mold when it is active, and the panel cutter can be adjusted, and it can be processed according to different needs.

Beading machine: The leveling and beading machine is a common type of beading machine, which is a combination of leveling and beading. It can be operated in combination or used alone. The width of the bead can be adjusted freely. It can also be used to press one rib alone or multiple ribs at the same time, which is very convenient. The function is to prevent the production of waste during the adjustment process before coil processing.

Cape iron book circle machine: common 40, 50 type cape iron book circle machine can bend angle iron, angle steel, flat steel and other profiles, which has convenient operation and high work efficiency.


Shearing machine: used to cut steel plates of various thicknesses, using reasonable blade gaps to apply shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plates can be broken and separated according to the required size.


Co-plate flange machine: The rigidity and stability of the machine, the beautiful and smooth shape of the movement forming, etc. make the co-plate flange system for large-scale industrial production.


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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China