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What Kind of Machine to Prodce Rectangular Duct

The air duct production line can be defined as that the whole process of air duct forming is completed by one (or more) machines. The popular point is that the whole process from coil cutting to air duct forming is completed by machine processing equipment continuously and independently. The intermediate process does not need anyone's participation and operation.

A complete rectangular duct production line shall realize the following functions:

1. Coil material selection and blanking function: 2-6 coils with different thickness or materials can be selected.

2. Pressing and leveling function: this function is to adjust the process before coil processing to prevent waste.

3. Punching, chamfering and grooving functions: this function can complete the production of air duct installation holes, avoiding the inconvenience caused by later punching.

4. Cut off function: this function will separate the sheet from the coil for the next processing.

5. Transmission function: it is convenient for the coil to automatically process the next process.

6. Undercut: this function realizes the edge pressing operation on the sheet metal and makes the joint angle.

7. Common plate flange forming: this function is the key step of making double-sided common plate flange.

8. Bending forming: the next process is completed,

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China