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Use and Classification of Press Brakes

Application of Press Brakes

Press brakes mainly refers to the plate bending machine, which is used to bend various plastic and metal plates. Bending machine can be divided into different types according to working characteristics and ways.

Common classification of press brake is as follows:

1. Manual bending machine

The structure of this type of bending machine is relatively simple. And through manual operation, it is more laborious, so it is suitable for small-scale processing.


2. Numerical control press brake

Its essence of numerical control press brake is a numerical control press brake mold for bending the sheet metal. The mold is composed of a bracket, a working table and a clamping plate. Through the power on of the coil, the force on the pressing plate is generated, so as to complete the clamping of the sheet metal between the pressing plate and the base. Because the electromagnetic force clamping method is adopted, the pressing plate is made according to the specific requirements of the workpiece, the operation is simple, and the workpiece with side wall can be processed.

There are different models of numerical control press brake, such as G type, F type, wc67k type, etc. The numerical control press brake for plastic sheet is developed according to the principle that plastic sheet is heated, softened and welded. It is suitable for the bending angle of all thermoplastic materials. Numerical control plastic plate press brake machine mould has the following characteristics: direct bending, no splicing, no slotting, no welding rod, beautiful and watertight corner bending surface, fast processing speed, beautiful corner bending surface and high strength. It transforms manual welding into fully automatic machine operation, improves quality, improves labor efficiency, reduces labor cost and greatly shortens the production cycle of the product.


3. Hydraulic numerical control press brake

According to the different synchronization modes, hydraulic press brake can be divided into torsion shaft synchronization, mechanical hydraulic synchronization, and electro-hydraulic synchronization. Hydraulic press brake can be divided into up moving type and down moving type according to different motion modes.

Hydraulic press brake is mainly used in sheet metal industry, such as the bending and forming of automobile, doors and windows, steel structure, etc., and v-notching of sheet metal. Its structure and working features are all steel welding structure, vibration stress relief, high strength and good rigidity of the machine. Hydraulic transmission is stable and reliable. It has mechanical stop, synchronous torsion shaft, high precision. We can adjust the distance of the back stop and the stroke of the upper slide electrically. It has the function of manual fine adjustment and digital display. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China