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The Operation Flow of the Press Brake Bending Machine

Press brake bending machine is widely used in petrochemical shipbuilding, pressure vessel, machinery manufacturing and other operations. It is believed that people who contact it for the first time do not understand its operation. 

Now, we will introduce how to operate the 3D press brake bending machine.

The operational process of 3D press brake bending machine:

1. Calculate or check the bending force and the opening size of the V-groove of the lower die according to the thickness of the sheet and the length of the folding plate.

2. Align the center of upper and lower mold.

3. Determine the gap between the upper and lower dies and adjust them.

4. Determine the front and rear blocking positions.

5. Determine the action specification of "inching", "single time" or "continuous", and select by the transfer switch.

6. Put the workpiece in the middle of the machine table for pressure test.

7. Adjust the die clearance again. If necessary, adjust the upper die adjustment block

8. Pay attention to the sealing condition of all seals, and replace the seals in case of leakage.

9. The bending of sheet metal should be in the middle of the machine, and it is not allowed to have partial load or unilateral load, so as not to affect the accuracy of the workpiece and the machine. If some workpieces need to work on one side, the load should be less than 100KN, but it should be possible to fold the plates on both sides at the same time to solve the problem of unilateral unbalanced load.

10. When the length of folded plate is less than 600mm, full load folding work is not required.

11. Pay attention to motor steering during test run.

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