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The Future Development Trend of Air Duct

As one of the indispensable tools of modern architecture, ventilation ducts need to be installed with ventilation ducts to clean indoor air. MYT has some opinions about the major trends in the development of air ducts in the future.


First, multiple use.

Among the types of ducts, some ventilation ducts are used to extract soot. Therefore, there is still room temperature in the duct. In the future, the duct can be equipped with a waste heat boiler device such as a waste heat boiler and a heat pipe heat exchanger to generate steam, hot water and hot air, so as to maximize the utilization of the waste heat of the ventilation system and improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of the energy.

Second, the air volume is variable.

At present, the air volume of the air duct is fixed, and the engine power is determined. The future air duct can be designed into a variable flue gas volume, and variable speed control devices are used to save energy and reduce the operating cost of the ventilation system.

Third, follow-up recycling.

In some factories, it is the production process that produces dust and other pollution. In order to clean the operation workshop and create a healthy environment for the workers, the air ducts will also be installed in the factory. Green environmental protection production is the production standard of the future enterprises, so the future air duct design can also be designed in the development of waste gas treatment, and the urgent development needs to meet the economic characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises with less investment. The maintenance cost is low, and the flexible and simple ventilation pipe practical technology is applied. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China