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Spiral Duct Forming Machine

As a professional manufacturer in a spiral duct forming machine, MYT company always provide good quality and good after-sales, also ensure spiral pipe good sealing performance and perfect pipe appearance.

Description of Spiral Duct Forming Machine

The spiral air duct forming machine is professional for making straight round duct. It can greatly increase production efficiency. It's automatic working by operating PLC control and manufacture different diameters and lengths according to the customer's needs. The spiral air duct forming machine's frame adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It also has been heated processed and highly frequently vibrated.

Spiral duct forming machine usually works with round pipe Elbow making machine, Seam welding machine, Angle iron round rolling machine and Three rollers bending machine and etc., to produce spiral round duct easily.

Spiral Duct Forming Machine For Sale

1500mm Spiral Duct Forming Machine
1500mm Spiral duct forming machine is used for producing HVAC spiral duct. Owing to its excellent performance and low cost, Spiral duct work has been widely promoted in ventilating and air conditioning systems.
1600mm Spiral Duct Machine
1600mm Spiral Duct Machine Features :1.Patented mold, easy to adjust, and has its own patent, replace the mold , better than belt mould2.More effective and saving materials .2.PLC control.3.Can be on-...
1602mm Spiral Duct Forming Machine
Spiral Tube former 1602 is professional for making straight round duct. It can greatly increase the production efficiency. It is working combine with round pipe elbow making machine, Seam welding mach...
2020mm Spiral Duct Forming Machine
2020 spiral duct forming machine is driven by a sprocket, and the uncoiler and the main machine are integrated.
Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine
The aluminum flexible duct machine is mainly used to produce the flexible air duct from the aluminum strip by spiral forming with polyurethane glue.
Elbow Forming Machine
Traditionally, round pipes connecting and pressing is finished by handwork. But our MYT company developed and produced elbow forming machine that can connect pipes by machine with perfect efficiency.
Angle Iron Rolling Machine
The angle iron rolling machine is a high-quality, high-efficiency roll that rolls carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal profiles (angle steel, strip, channel, pipe, etc.) into rings and flanges.
Spiral Round Flat Oval Duct Machine
The oval duct is formed by a circular spiral tube that extends upward and deforms. The design of the oval duct forming machine plays an important role in spiral duct line.
Aluminum Duct Forming Machine
This aluminum air duct forming machine is specially for producing aluminum flexible ducts with pure aluminum foil or stainless steel without steel wire reinforcement for various purposes.
Hydraulic Elbow Making Machine
MYT hydraulic elbow making machine is professionally used for producing round duct elbow.Compared with regular electric elbow forming machine, it greatly increases the production working speed.

Features of Spiral Duct Forming Machine:

Spiral duct forming machine: processing the spiral pipes with various diameters is processed without need to use the duct mold. The steel tubes of different lengths are used, and the steel strip is replaced by the proper installation and adjustment of the steel tube. According to the length of the demand, we can use a high-speed synchronous automatic cutting system to cut. Cutting method is non-noise cold shearing.

Elbow forming machine: shrimp elbow forming machine produced is also known as circular tube elbow bend(shrimp) locking bite on special equipment. Pipe diameter range from 100-1250mm.The advantages of stable performance, practical and efficient, easy to operate, purchase the straightness good bone type, size precise angle. After occlusion of duct sealing tall, strong and durable.

Angle steel rolling machine: which is working for producing round flange for round duct connections. The rollers can be customized according to different requirements.
Such as rolling square pipe, channel profile, round pipe, rectangular tube and etc. The gaps between the rollers can be adjusted as per customer's rolling demands.

Flexible duct forming machine: especially for producing aluminum flexible ducts with aluminum foil or metal PET film with steel wire reinforced for ventilation purpose.

Spiral aluminum duct forming machine: this machine is mainly used to produce the spiral aluminum duct, which is widely used for chimney, exhaust pipe, etc. Both single layer or double layer material will be suitable for our machine design.

The installation points of the spiral duct machine

1.The installation and removal of the dust collector should be in the correct position to keep it firm and stable. The direction of entry and exit must meet the design requirements, the allowable deviation of perpendicularity does not exceed 2mm per meter, and the total deviation does not exceed 10mm.

2. The inlet and outlet of the spiral duct machine and the dust collector should be at right angles, the outlet pipe of the cylinder and the cone should be coaxial, and the eccentricity should not be greater than 2mm.

3. The allowable deviation between the outer diameter of the spiral duct machine and the outer diameter of the dust collector or rectangular outer diameter should not be more than 5%, and the inner and outer surfaces should be smooth and uniform in curvature.


Spiral duct machine production operation points

1. If the spiral duct is connected to the flange, the flange size should be 6-9mm, and it should be flat and without holes.

2. For the three-way or four-way of the circular spiral duct, the included angle should be 15-60 degrees, and the allowable deviation of the included angle should be less than 1 degree.

3. The connection of each pipe section of the spiral duct should be detachable. The length of the pipe section should be 1.8-4.0. The length of the welded pipe and the spiral pipe can be appropriately extended.

Many large-scale occasions have relatively large space, so when installing the central air-conditioning system, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the strength. However, for household air conditioners, the ventilation volume of the air duct system is relatively small, and the required diameter of the ventilation duct is also relatively small.

Therefore, when selecting materials for the air duct system, the strength requirements of the air duct material can be appropriately reduced.

Third, the construction of air-conditioning ducts has floor height requirements. Since central air conditioners are mainly used in large-scale occasions, such as office buildings and shopping malls, the requirements for floor height are not obvious. However, the situation of household air conditioners is different. The height of many floors is less than 3m, usually 2.8m, so the requirement for the height of the air conditioner is to occupy as much space as possible.

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