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Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

There are many kinds of machines consisit of sheet metal cutting machines , for example , band saw machine , guillotine shearing machine , CNC turret punching machine . They play a important role in metal processing industrial .

Description of Sheet Metal Cutting Machine :

Sheet metal cutting machine is widely used industrial buildings, such as factory buildings and metal plate processing, it includes CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, band saw machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CNC turret punching machine, etc. MYT company is located in Shanghai, warmly welcome our customers to visit and learn about our machines.

Features of Sheet Metal Machines:

Guillotine shearing machine: use of all-steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, with good rigidity and stability. The series cylinder does not change the shear angle when the machine is cutting.

CNC fiber laser cutting machine: 500w-2000w fiber laser cutting machine is a dual-drive mobile gantry structure with a linear guide and gear rack drive system. Professional laser cutting CNC system ensures high integration, precise control, and stable operation.

CNC turret punch press machine: servo turret punching machine utilizes the power of servo motor, various functions such as shifting and execution, and the characteristics of good control ability of the rotating speed. It directly drives the punching mechanism, adopts adaptive torque control technology and computer control technology, and utilizes digital technology.

Band saw machine: it includes horizontal type, vertical type,double-color type and portal type automatic and semi-automatic metal band sawing machine, with the advantage of high technical content, efficiency,energy-saving, reasonable structure, stable quality and so on, being widely used in cutting or sawing ferrous and non-ferrous metal, plastic and nonferrous material. Our products are the necessary equipment in the field of metal products, Machinery Manufacturing, forging manufacturing.

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