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Several Points Need to Pay Attention to Operating 3 Rollers Roll Rolling Bending Machine

The mission of mechanical 3 rollers roll rolling bending machine in industrial production is self-evident, so what should it pay attention to during operation?


       1. The workpiece must be placed in a stable position, and the operation can be started after the position is correct. The signal should be clearly specified and one person should be assigned.


       2. The hand should not be placed on the rolled steel plate. It is not allowed to check with the sample. After the shutdown, the sample is used to check the roundness.


       3. When the workpiece is not fully rounded, when rolling to the end of the steel plate, a certain amount of allowance should be reserved to prevent the workpiece from falling and hurting people.


       4. When working, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the workpiece, nor to find the roundness on the rolled cylinder.


       5. When rolling a thicker, larger diameter cylinder or a workpiece with a higher material strength, the moving roller should be lowered a little and molded by multiple rolls.


       6. When rolling a narrow cylinder, it should be placed in the middle of the roll.


       7. After the workpiece enters the roll, the hand and clothes should be prevented from being caught in the roll.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China