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Safety Operation Specification and Maintenance Skills for CNC Press Brake

How to control and use the CNC press brake mold? As a kind of metal processing machine, there are always dangers, especially the wrong operation is likely to be accompanied by a safety accident, so it is necessary to strictly abide by the working specifications of the machine tool. Compared with the traditional bending machine, the modern CNC press brake is more high-tech, and does not require too much manual operation in the control and operation technology, so the safety is greatly improved, but the safety operation problem cannot be ignored. 

Prerequisites for use of the press brake

Any large processing machinery product must meet the premise - strictly follow the safe operation rules of the machine tool, wear protective equipment according to the regulations, so as not to cause injury due to accidents.

Pre-use inspection

Be sure to carefully check the various components and function switches before starting the CNC press brake mold, several important positions such as motor, switch, wiring and grounding. Whether the various components are firm and stable, whether there is looseness, and if problems are found, they should be solved in time. In addition, check the parameters of the mold itself, such as the degree of coincidence and robustness, whether the installation meets the specifications, and so on.

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