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Round Duct Making Machine

Round duct making machine mainly includes 3 rollers electric rolling machine, round duct Pittsburgh lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. These machines work together can complete all steps for producing the HVAC round duct. These machines belong to economic types and have good efficiency.

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Features of Round Duct Making Machine

3 rollers electric rolling machine: Per-bending function makes straight edges narrower, and it can even round small round pipe with a diameter of 100mm. Combined with manual worm gear and eccentric wheel device the machine can quickly move side rollers up and down to improve efficiency.

Round duct pittsburgh lock forming machine: It mainly produces two shapes to lock round duct. Easy operation, convenient to move anywhere.

Round duct lock seam closing machine: The machine closure circular duct with longitudinal seam, responsible for sealing pipe closure of the male and female type. It ensures a perfect closure between the seams at the ends of the circular/round duct, ensuring a uniform and precise finish. It is one of the main equipment for the manufacture of parts and tubes of the HVAC line.

Round duct stitch welding machine: Air duct stitch welder is mainly used for processing galvanized steel. It uses copper to do the electrodes poles. Air duct stitch welder can weld the galvanized steel plate to round duct to form elbow for HVAC system.

Round vs. Rectangular Duct Machine Work

1) Size: For a given pressure loss, the surface area of a rectangular duct forming machine can be twice that of a circular duct. Therefore, circular ducts require less metal than rectangular ducts. Rectangular duct machine work usually requires heavier specifications, additional reinforcements and heavier shorter sections.

2) Installation: The reduced area of the circular duct makes it easier to operate, lift and install. Due to its longer length, round pipes require fewer joints in the field and have lower sealing performance. Moreover, the rectangular joint itself is more expensive.

3) Efficiency: The use of circular pipes can achieve a better sealing system. At a lower pressure drop, the fan power required to circulate the air is smaller, so smaller equipment can be used. All of this reduces operating costs.

4) Design: Many architects and designers regard the beautiful shape of the circular metal duct as a unique element in the design.

5) Healthier: Finally, circular air ducts can help create a healthier indoor environment. The circular metal duct has a smaller surface area, no corners, and better airflow, thus eliminating the chance of dust and bacteria accumulating in the duct.

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