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Rectangular Duct Forming Machine

MYT brand company is one of the biggest manufacturing companies which involves manufacturing, design, sales and good after-sales. MYT is engaged in rectangular duct machinery over 15 years and located in Shanghai city, China. Welcome customer to check our factory anytime.

Description of Rectangular Duct Forming Machine

The rectangular duct making machine can be consisted of many machines then finally all steps to produce ducting, which is good and economic type for manufacture HVAC duct. MYT company always provide professional service regarding rectangular air duct making machines for our client and we can also make customize machines according to our client requirement.

Rectangular Duct Forming Machine For Sale

Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine
The lock forming machine , also known as the bite sewing machine, the undercutting machine, the air duct biting machine, the air duct skein machine. It is a multifunctional machine.
TDF Flange Forming Machine
(Flange forming machine is a main equipment for TDF flange forming, especially for large-scale, standardized And automatic production.
TDC Flange Forming Machine
(TDC Flanger also called flange former,flange forming machine )TDC flange is one of the most widely used duct flanges in the world. It has the characteristics of time saving, material saving.
Duplex TDF Flange Forming Machine
(It is especially suitable for the forming of sheet thickness of 0.5~1.5mm. The width of the workpiece is adjustable. The adjustment range is 600-1500mm.
Hand TDF Flanging Machine
Manual TDF flange folding machine is of all -steel welded construction. Simple construction with good appearance. It is easy to operate, with low energy consumption.
Electric Shearing Machine
Electric shearing machine adopts all-steel welding structure, gate-type transmission principle, motor and cycloidal pinwheel reducer integrated, self-brake brake device, chain drive, no shearing.
Hydraulic Folding Machine
hydraulic folding machine also called sheet metal folding machine that makes rectangular duct ventilation . Duct Hydraulic sheet metal folding machine have two models.
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC plasma cutting machine mainly for automatically lofting and cutting the deformed workpiece.You can select a drawing from the new version of CAM-DUCT and input dimensions.
Portable Lock Seam Closing Machine
The joint port is an ideal interface for the connection of ventilation ducts, mufflers and air-conditioning fans. It is not only beautiful but also does not require any other auxiliary connecting tool.
Hand C Cleat Bender
This Hand C cleat bender is a hand tool that does not require any setup or adjustment. It can be machined into a C-bone at the edge of a square duct in just a few seconds.
Hydraulic Duct Lock Seaming Machine
The air duct vertical hydraulic lock seaming machine an be used with the air duct production line, the T12 flange forming machine and lock forming machine.
Duct Zipper
It’s assembly in one pass forms fold at the edges of rectangular or square channels and connects them to the castle. In the moment passage through the channel the machine in the still open seam can a...
TDC/TDF Corner Forming Machine
Corner forming machine is mainly for punching, blanking, folding, cutting, and light stretching work. We also called duct flange corner production machine .
Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pneumatic TDF folding machine takes 4-cylinder pneumatic system as power source, two cylinders are used for bending when the other two are used for pressing, working stably without power.
CNC Angle Steel Flange Production Line
The fully automatic CNC angle steel flange production line, also known as the CNC angle iron production line, mainly completes the punching and cutting function of the large and small angle flanges.
Corner Code Assembly Machine
Corner Code Assembly Machine is used for installing rectangular duct corner code automatically to replace workers,which is fast ,time saving and effective .Europen standard Ventilation duct machine.
Reel Bead Cutting Machine
reel shear beading machine is a combination of shearing and beading. Operator only needs to change shearing mould or beading mould. The machine reel shear beading machine is used to cut.
Hydraulic Angle Notching Machine
Hydraulic corner notching machine can be the shear plate into 90 degrees, the main structure is composed of steel plate integral welding sturdiness and durability.
Duct Fire Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine
Duct Fire Damper Frame Roll Forming Machine is designed for fire damper spring leaf forming. It is servo driving, full automatic operation. Number of holes and distance between holes are customizable.
Hydraulic Riveting Machine
The hydraulic riveting machine is one of the essential machines for the installation of ventilation construction engineering, which is suitable for riveting operation in the flange of ventilation pipe.
Beading Grooving Machine
Beading grooving machine is a special type and a variety of thin plate ribbing machinery. After one-time forming rib or multiple rib forming, it can also replace the rolling wheel as needed to suppress the ideal rib shape.
Hand Folding Machine
Manual iron bender, manual sheet metal folder, HVAC duct TDF sheet metal manual folding machine is made by all-steel welded construction with good appearance.
Flexible Duct Connector Machine
Automatic Flexible Duct Connector Roll Forming Line It is composed of two decoiler, roll forming machine, Poly feeding system and Automatic deecoiler.
Pneumatic Angle Notching Machine
This pneumatic notching machine is pneumatic driven,and steel plate welded with strong rigidity. The notching machine can cut 90 ° angle on 4mm steel plate with a Max angle length of 80mm.
Pneumatic Riveting Machine
)Increased productivity with automatic feeding system and multi-point riveting.
S Shape Pittsburgh Lockformer Machine
S cleat Pittsburgh Lock forming machine is a multi-functional machine for varying uses in the HVAC ducting industry.

Features of Rectangular Duct Forming Machine:

Rectangular duct making machines include TDF folding machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, pittsburgh lock forming machine, beading grooving machine, angle steel flange cutting machine, TDF corner punching production line, lock seam closing machine, etc. These machines are mostly used in air ventilation duct processing industrial line. These machines can complete hvac duct feeding, forming and ventilation installation. Meanwhile, workers must be professional and have experience in operation these duct machines, which save much time and improve efficiency. Workers also need to add lubricating oil to ensure the efficient operation of machines during operating. MYT company teamwork online 24 hours to help customers to choose the best suitable duct manufacturing machines they need. Any question about HVAC duct machines. We will reply to you immediately.

Safety Benefits of Rectangular Duct Machine

Automation: If the process is automated, rather than manual, then your technician can limit contact with the machine and the original and final materials that usually have sharp edges or corners. Newer coil production lines usually also have remote programming and diagnostic functions, which can further reduce manual contact. The higher the degree of automation in the process, the smaller the safety risks posed by the machine and the products it manufactures.

Easy to maintain: The better the machine is maintained, the safer the technician will operate the machine. Under normal working conditions, the machine is unlikely to fail, thereby reducing the possibility of safety issues or product defects, which may also cause harm to technicians. When you choose a machine, look for an option that is easy to purchase spare parts and is supported by an extensive service network. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China