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Protective Measures for Shearing Machine?

First Safety measures :

1. Before work, carefully check whether the parts of the trigger are normal, whether the electrical equipment is intact, whether the safety protection device is reliable, whether the lubrication system is unblocked, and then add lubricating oil, test the car, and cut the steam to be used. When two or more people work together, it is necessary to determine a person's unified command, and when the tabletop and surrounding are unobstructed, the machine tool cutting can be started.

2. The shearing machine is not allowed to cut two sheets of different specifications and materials at the same time. No material shearing is prohibited, and the surface of the cut surface is required to be flat, and it is not allowed to cut narrower sheets that cannot be pressed.

3. When operating the shearing machine, concentrate on the spirit. When feeding, the finger should leave the knife-edge 200mm away and leave the pressing device. Feeding and reclaiming should prevent the steel plate from being scratched and prevent the steel plate from being injured. The footswitch should be equipped with a sturdy protective cover to prevent heavy objects from falling on the footswitch or accidentally stepping on it. Driving money is not allowed to refuel or adjust the machine.

4. All kinds of shearing machines should adjust the gap of the cutting edge according to the thickness of the specified cutting plate to prevent accidents caused by improper use.

5. The brakes of the shearing machine should be checked frequently to ensure reliability and prevent the upper blade from falling and hurting people due to the looseness of the brakes.

6. The edges of the sheet and the cut strip are sharp, sometimes with burrs, and should be scratched.

7. During the operation, safe hand tools are used to complete the feeding, positioning, picking up and cleaning of the trimmings, which can prevent the fingers from being crushed by the mold.

Major dangers

The shearing machine is a machine that cuts metal sheets into different sizes of blocks according to production needs. The shearing machine has upper and lower cutting edges. Generally, the lower cutting edge is mounted on the working table, and the upper cutting edge is reciprocated to cut. The maximum thickness and width of the blank that can be cut by a particular shearing machine and the strength limit of the blank are limited. If the value exceeds the limit, the machine may be destroyed. The cutting edge of the shearing machine is very sharp, it is a dangerous tiger's mouth, and the fingers that are operated in the work are often close to the knife-edge, so if the operation is improper, serious accidents such as cutting fingers will occur. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China