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Proper Using Method of Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Bending is the process of transforming the flat sheet metal into three-dimensional through the pressure equipment and special mold. Bending machine is the most widely used in sheet metal processing, and the use method of bending machine is quite rigorous.


Before the operation of sheet metal bending machine, pay attention to the correct operation process of the bending machine:


1. Before the use of sheet metal bending machine, check whether the power supply is connected, whether the air pressure is sufficient, whether the hydraulic pressure is sufficient, whether the machine is clean, and whether there is any obstacle in the slide way. The following procedures can be carried out after confirmation.


2. Turn on the power switch of the machine, start the oil pump to align the origin of L axis, d axis, CC axis and Z axis, and complete the starting process.


3. Then decide what products you need to fold and what mold to use. After selecting the mold, place the gear switch of the machine in the cut position. After the base, lower mold and upper mold are installed, place the switch of the machine in the inching or single moving position. Pedal the rising switch, shake the rising handle or knob to combine the upper and lower molds, pressurize and align the zero point of d axis, and lock the lower mold to complete the mold installation process.


4. Then read the drawing, understand the bending sequence and bending size and start to program the bending machine. There are two input methods for programming, one is angle input and the other is depth input. We usually use depth input method (we will talk about angle input method later). First, enter the computer into the state of meaning, input the bending dimension L, D value, Z value, speed, time, times and other values. Then check and confirm the program, and let the computer enter the running state after no error, and then modify the program with waste trial fold to adjust the angle and size to the best state. Then carry out the trial fold of the products. The trial fold products can be mass produced after they are checked to be correct.


5. In order to improve the bending speed in the bending process, the gear switch can be operated in single or continuous mode, but for the sake of safety, it is generally only used in single mode. When bending a long workpiece, the middle angle is often large. We can adjust the CC axis to change the middle angle to be consistent with the left and right angles. In the bending process, attention should also be paid to the central bending principle, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the bending accuracy. It is not allowed to bend at one end of both ends of the bending machine, so the angle is not good, and the machine will be damaged


6. It is not allowed to shut down the power supply during a short break, and just turning off the oil pump is enough, so as to save the electricity cost, avoid the work of re starting the origin at work, save the time and improve the operation rate.


7. When the product is finished or the machine needs to be shut down after work, first put the lower die to the lowest position, then turn off the oil pump, and then turn off the power supply. If this batch of products has been completed, it is necessary to take down the die and put it back on the die frame and return to the operation panel.


8. Illegal operation of sheet metal bending machine is strictly prohibited to avoid unnecessary injury caused by artificial body and equipment mould. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the machine, not allow people who do not understand to mess with the machine, and form a good habit of taking care of the equipment and molds. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China