Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

Equipment Technical Indicators of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

1Press CapacityKN500
2Frame Construction
O-Frame (600mm)
3Crossbeam Lengthmm4000
4Transverse Slider Distancemm1300
5Longitudinal Rail Distancemm1400
6Longitudinal slider distance
7Longitudinal rail lengthmm2200
8Slider size
Larger Slider
9Maximum Sheet Size (with one re-position)mm1250x5000
10Maximum Sheet Thickness mm6.35
11Max. Sheet Diameter mmΦ88.9
13Max. Punching Speed hpm160 (within 30mm pitch)
14Max. Feeding Speedm/min80
15Clamps No.pcs2
16Re-positioning Cylinderset2
17No. of Stationsset16□24□32□
18Turret Rotation Speedrpm30
19Turret Positioning
Double cylinder positioning
20Air Pressurempa0.6
21Die Form 
Mosaic turret, Long guide tool
22Punching Accuracymm±0.10
23No. of Controlling Axispcs3(X/Y/T)/4(X/Y/T/C)
24Total Power kw17/18

Main Characteristics of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

  • Protection Function: 

1. Clamp stamping protection, when rushed clamp area, clamps will automatically avoid. 

2. Tonnage overrun protection, when the pressure exceeds the set punch tonnage, the inside insurance will be switch off and stop punching, avoid large pressing makes the bed deformation. 

3. Overrun protection, when travel to the limit, the machine will automatically stop, avoid a collision.

4. Automatic diagnostic program function, the devices sound an alarm when the software, system or electric failure, remind check and ruled out.

5. Air pressure protection function, alarm and stop working when air pressure is too low, to avoid damage to the clutch.

6. Voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, can automatically alarm and stop the work, to avoid damage the servo system, electrical components and software program.

7. Lubricating protection, equipment for automatic lubrication, when the failure will alarm and stop working.

  • Stamping body: The body adopt integrated fuselage, widened design, disposable welding, tempering, disposable forming.

  • Seamless Worktable: Seamless worktable design, when the plate moved, it can avoid the plate and the worktable make a collision, guide rail, ball screw dust-proof protection.

  • Folding Worktable: Side assist platform adopt cylinder control seamless design, convenient for change the tooling.

  • Turret Structure: The turret is made of 40Cr, completed in large processing center; using Germany mosaic roulette.

  • Clamp: with clamp automatic avoid collision function, can make no dead area for punching on sheet.

  • Auto-index station: Auto-index station is special worm turbine structure, key parts import from Germany.

  • System: The system can automatically collect, to select the most suitable tool to processing, and display stamping time, processing capacity, die life (punches), etc. 

  • Beam: Carriage and beam integrated design, accurate positioning, moving more smoothly, to eliminate the X, Y-axis dynamic offset case.

The Main Component Parts List of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

1Line GuiderTRH35/HGH35Taiwan PMI/HIWIN
2Ball ScrewSFSR04040BIDGTaiwan TBI/PMI
4Servo Motor/Motor Driver
Japan Panasonic/Fuji
5Single Valve363-400-00B0Japan Azbil
Germany Mayr
7Reduction GearsME150/LPG160Taiwan VGM/KOFON
8Electromagnetic Valve 4V220-08DC24VTaiwan Airtac
9Magnet Switch CS1-G
10Air CylinderACQ50*40-S
11Power ModuleNES-150-24Japan OMRON
12ClutchKB-400-1Italy OMPI
13Breaker 32AFrance Schneider
15Approach Switch SN04-NTaiwan RIKO
16Auto-index Synchronous Belt3200-8MGermany Continental
Germany KRW

Turret Configuration of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

StationTool size16 stations24 stations32 stations
AΦ1.5 - Φ12.761216
BΦ12.7 - Φ31.76812
CΦ31.7 - Φ50.8222
DΦ50.8 - Φ88.9222

CNC System Features and Functions of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

1. Processing graphics real-time display, convenient and intuitive

2. Advanced bus control, high integration, data reading, fast transmission, strong anti-jamming ability

3. CAD, DXF and other format graphic direct conversion machining program

4. Simple international generic G code programming, easy operation. 

5. Internationally accepted standard RS232 interface to facilitate communication with the computer. 

6. Field programming, background programming, Parameter programming function, Chinese display.

7. Graphical simulation of stamping function.

8. Convenient for backup system parameters, ladder diagram and the processing procedure, achieve large capacity processing program of online processing.

9. With Nano as a unit for interpolation, position detection and servo control, make high-speed precision processing come true.

10. A high degree of integration, the use of special software; start time is short, it will automatically save the data when a sudden power off.

11. Automatic diagnostic program function.

12. Has tool compensation function. 

13. With pitch compensation function.

14. With backlash compensation function. 

15. Has coordinates offset function. 

16. Has re-positioning function. 

Appendix and Tools & Spare Parts of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

7.1 Appendix

1Packing List1
2Conformity Certification1
4Foundation Drawing1
5Electrical Schematic Diagram1
6Auto-Programming Software1
7CNC System Data1
8Mold Drawing1

7.2 Tools & Spare Parts

1Box SpannerM421pcs
2Hexagon WrenchS1.5-S101set
3High Pressure Oil Gun
4HoseØ 85m
5T-JunctionØ 82pcs
6Foundation Attachment
7Nylon Cable TiesL20030pcs
10C Lower Die Brush
11D Lower Die Brush
12Inner Hexagon ScrewM10*45 12.9 Grade12.9 Grade
13Copper rod
14Line-up ToolsA/B/C/D1set
15The level
16Clamp part A
17Clamp part B
18Grease Syringe400CC1set
19Dismantling & Assembly Device
20Drag chain25*252pcs
21Normal open contacton2pcs
22Normal close contactnc2pcs

User Prepare of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

1.Power: 380V,50HZ, magnitude of a voltage fluctuation -0.5%~+10%. When the voltage fluctuates greatly, the user must be equipped with a voltage regulator. Otherwise, the low-voltage electrical appliance will be in an abnormal working state, the life of the electrical device is reduced or damaged, the processed product is scrapped, the motor alarm causes the work to stop, and the computer hard disk is damaged.

2.Air supply: Output above 0.6mpa, Dried, cleaned and compressed air, air demand 0.3CBM/min. If the air is not dry enough, the user should be equipped with a cold dryer. Otherwise, the water in the pneumatic parts will cause the frictional resistance of the piston to become larger, and the wear seal will cause air leakage and other problems. Especially in winter, it is easy to freeze, resulting in increased damage to pneumatic components.

3.Environment temperature: 0oC~+40oC. Below 0 °C will cause oil-water separators, gas tanks and other parts that may have water to freeze. The lubricating oil is too thick due to low temperature, which will affect the lubrication effect, resulting in damage or failure of the parts.

4.Environment humidity: relative humidity 20%-80%RH (non-condensing). 

5.Stay away from the strong vibrate source and electronic jamming. If the distance is too close, the user must be equipped with a filter, otherwise it will cause the computer screen to flash, the LED light to flash, the driver alarm, the encoder is abnormal, or interfere with other nearby devices.

6.Less dust, harmless and non-corrosive gas environment.

7.Prepare the foundation according to the drawing appendix.

8.Users should select persons with a higher education level for training and make long-term stable arrangements.

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Details of Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

Mechanical Turret Punching Machine
Turret Punching Machine
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Mechanical Turret Punching Machine
Mechanical Turret Punch Machine
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