Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder

Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder

The most recent edition to the Hydraulic NC Pan brake range now comes complete with a 7'' color touch screen control panel. The beauty of this Touch screen design is it can store a massive 99 programs with 20 bend angles per program, and each bend angle allows you to fine-tune the material bend compensation. This feature simply removes the guesswork out and takes bending to the next level to achieve accuracy & repeatability every time. Another unique attribute built-in is a quick action head allowing adjusting for the different material thickness from 1mm to 4mm.

The welded frame is constructed from heavy-gauge steel for superior strength & minimal flex when operating under full capacity with an extreme load.

Features of Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder

  • One axis control system (Just control Bend angles)

  • NC Touch Screen Control features 99 programs, each program has up to 20 bends and each bend has material compensation. It also incorporates a quick bend function for jobbing work

  • Autocycle: after clamping bottom beam will bend to pre-set angle and return, head unclamps to set position

  • NC programmable opening height & bending dwell timer ensures the consistent bending angle

  • Quick action rapid head adjustment to optimize bend radius on 1-5mm material thickness

  • Heavy-duty steel fabricated construction

  • The roving foot pedal incorporates a control panel for maximum flexibility

  • Unique moving guards ensure the front of the machine is clear for unobstructed loading/unloading of material

  • Quality hydraulic and electrical components supplies by leading manufactures including Rexroth, Telemecanique and Merlin Gerin

  • Extended fingers allow bending of pans or boxes to a depth of 205 mm

  • Includes a manual back gauge (optional)

Specifications of Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder

1. Up to 4000 mm folding length available - Capacity 4.0 to 6.0 mm available

2. The high bending angle of 0-135° - Up to 145mm depth of box bent - Up to 150mm lift of clamping beam

3. 24V control wiring – segmented folding tools made from hardened material maximizing the life

4. Instruction, Hydraulic, and Electrical Manuals – CE Marked

Hydraulic Pan Brake Folder Technical Parameters

Folder Length (mm)250020003050
Folder Thickness (mm)0.5~4.00.5~5.00.5~4.0
Max. lift of the upper beam (mm)200200200
Evolving angle of the bending beam0 °~120 °0 °~120 °0 °~120 °
SIZEL (mm)300025003600
W (mm)810810810
H (mm)150015001500
Weight (Kg)320027003900
Main Motor (KW)

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Hydraulic Pan Brake
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