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Hand TDF Flanging Machine

Hand TDF Flanging Machine

Manual TDF flange folding machine is of all -steel welded construction. Simple construction with a good appearance. It is easy to operate, with low energy consumption.

Our hand folders are of many types and incorporate with all the outstanding features.

The advantage is that both its up and down movements can be adjusted. They can process workpieces according to the customer's requirement and can fold the sheet into a box/pan with four sides.

Hand TDF Flanging Machine Features

1. Heavy-duty steel fabricated frame provides accurate bends

2. Extended fingers allow bending of pans or boxes to a depth of 200mm

3. Machine equipped with a graduation ruler on both sides, readout eliminates the bend angle guesswork

4. Ground segmented fingers can be repositioned to suit many applications

5. Safety top beam support stop lever located on the right side of the machine

6. Quick action beam adjustment for varying the material thickness

7. Includes rear manual back gauge

Hand TDF Flanging Machine Technical Parameters

ModelThe Smallest fold angleWeight (kg)Thickness (mm)Maximum machining length(mm)Outline dimension (mm)

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