CNC Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The machine adopts the mobile gantry cantilever structure, which can meet the needs of tube and sheet cutting, ensuring the high speed and precision of operation. The bed structure is made of pipe welded frame structure with high-quality. With professional welding, secondary aging treatment and precise machining of large-scale gantry milling machines, the machine has acquired excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability.


Fiber laser device (Raycus)

Laser Power:2000W

Laser wavelength:1070nm

Output power adjust:10%-100%

Input power: within 3KW 

Working temperature:15-35°C


Professional Laser Cutting Head 

power rating: within 3.3KW

Clear Aperture:28mm

Collimation protection glass:φ24.9mm*1.5mm

Protect glass for focus lens :φ27.9mm*4.1mm

Assist Gas Pressure:≤25bar



Full-stroke design: pipe diameter of 16-220mm can be changed without manual adjustment of the chuck, reducing manual time occupation;

Pneumatic clamping: adopt pneumatic control, self-centering clamping to ensure that it can be clamped but not flattened;

Short tailings: The shortest tailings is 90mm, which saves material costs and improves processing efficiency;

Equipped with automatic nylon tug support as standard, it won't wear the pipe, guarantee the straightness of the pipe when the pipe is rotated, and improve the cutting accuracy.


Cypcut for metal sheet cutting

Tubepro for tube cutting

General functions include graphics processing, parameter settings, custom cutting process editing, nesting, path planning, simulation, and cutting process control.

Supports speed-dependent power adjustment and can set separate lead-in line speeds.

The material process library function allows all process parameters to be saved for reuse of the same material.

The touch screen (32-inch) control interface saves space and liberates the long-term use of hands.


J2040CP optimizes your manufacturing process in a variety of ways. In a single operation, you can create perforations and complex contours. In addition, the tube can be cut into multiple sections. This enables innovative design solutions to minimize downstream tasks such as deburring, welding and assembly. The intermediate stages (such as storage and part handling) require much less resources, so you can greatly reduce the process and cost of each part compared to the production methods using traditional sawing, drilling and milling tool.

Technical Prameter

Working area2000X4000mmmm
Tube DiameterΦ16-φ220,L=6000;(Square and rectangle tube diagonal≤200mm)mm
X-axis travel3100mm
Y-axis travel4050mm
Z-axis travel300mm
X,Y positioning accuracy±0.05/1000mmmm
X,Y repeat positioning accuracy±0.03/1000mmmm
Max running speed100m/min
Rear chuck max rotating speed100rpm
Tailing length≥90(will have little difference according to different tubes)mm
Table max load1000kg
Machine size (length x width x height )10395×4500×2300(include rotary )mm
Laser power3kww
Control systemFscut
Total power31Kw
Machine voltage380v/50Hz

(Only for reference)

Machine Configuration

Servo MotorFujiJapan7 sets
Linear GuidesDinghanTaiwanWhole sets
Gear rack and pinionApexTaiwanWhole sets
Machine servo reducersBeittoJapan6 sets
ChucksLiyuanhengChina1 set
Pneumatic ComponentsAirTAGTaiwanWhole sets
Laser sourceRaycusChina1 set
Laser headRaytoolsChina1 set
ChillerHanliChina1 set
Air conditionTongfeiChina1 set(option)
Low voltage electrical componentsCHNTChinaWhole sets
Industry ComputerChinaChina1 set
LubricationChinaChina1 set
Control systemFscutChina1 set

(Note: If the customer purchases the above parts themselves, the specified brand and model must be purchased; if the brand is changed arbitrarily, the impact on the performance of the whole machine is the responsibility of the customer. The standard accessories provided by our company are guaranteed for 1 year.)

Consumable Analysis

Electricity Consumption:

partsElectricity consumption(KW)Total
Laser source931KW/H
Machine base13

Gas Consumption:

Gas typevolume /canUsing timeUsing VolumeCutting performancenote
Oxygen(40L)80 minutes30L/HBlack edge1mm carbon steel
Nitrogen(40L)20 minutes120L/HWhite edge1mm stainless steel


1. The recommended gas purity is 99.99%.

2. The above cost standard is Chinese standard for reference only

3. Air cutting can be chosen when conditions are ripe.

Spare parts consumable list:

Spare partsUsing time(hour)UnitNote
Protect Glass≥60010$Good environment can keep parts using longer life time
Copper Nozzle≥40010$
Focus Lens≥6000200$

Installation Preparation

Power supplyCapacity≤50kva
Voltage380±5%Automatic voltage stabilizing device must be installed
Grounding resistance≤4Ω
There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation equipment, and there should be no radio transmission station or relay station around the installation.
WaterWater chiller waterIt is recommended to use pure water, deionized or distilled water, and the specified antifreeze can be added in winter.
Gas RequirementsN2, O2Purity ≥99.99%Will have difference according to different materials, technology
Compressed airPressure ≥2.5mpa
Working EnvironmentTemperature5-40℃
GroundGround standard:500kg/m2
Amplitude ≤50um, Amplitude acceleration≤0.05g, No large punching vibration equipment nearby
Equipment space requirements to ensure smoke-free dust, avoid metal dust, grinding and other dusty working environment, and must install anti-static floor, connect shielded wire

Cutting Ability for Reference

Applications of CNC Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


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