Camless Spring Making Machine

Camless Spring Making Machine

CNC Camless wire spring machine adopts a unique camless and no rocker design. It is independently controlled by multiple groups of servo motors and has a powerful expansion. It can produce a variety of special-shaped springs, compression springs, tension springs, double torsion springs, flat springs (spring springs) and various types of wire molding.

1. This machine is for cam design, set up spring with high speed and accuracy. And with stable good enough.

2. Adopt Taiwan's computer control system and equipped with a servo motor imported from Japan.

Wire feed with the function of rotary wire, so it is easy to adjust.

3.Computer interface displayed in Chinese and English which makes the operation easy.

4. It is suitable for producing double torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda-shaped compression spring, rectangle spring, swirl spring and other different spring and special-shaped spring.

Camless Spring Making Machine Specifications

ColorGrey/ Blue (Customized)Grey/ Blue (Customized)Grey/ Blue (Customized)Grey/ Blue (Customized)Grey/ Blue (Customized)Grey/ Blue (Customized)
Diameter of the steel wire (mm)Φ0.5-φ2.5Φ1.2-φ3.0Φ1.5-φ4.5φ2.0-φ5.0φ2.8-φ6.0Φ3.0-φ8.0
Total power (kw)14.817.125.83341.861.6
Number of axes121212121212
Number of the wire feed wheel3 pairs3 pairs3 pairs3 pairs4 pairs4 pairs
Servo MotorWire feeding2.9 KW2.9 KW5.5 KW7.0 KW11 KW15 KW
Rotary wire2.9 KW2.9 KW5.5 KW7.0 KW4.5 KW4.5 KW
Rotary mandrel0.75 KW1 KW1.2 KW1.5 KW2.7 KW3.4 KW
Curved shaft0.75 KW1 KW1.5 KW1.5 KW2.0 KW2.7 KW

Knife rest of slide0.75 KW*81.2 KW*81.5 KW*82.0 KW*82.7 KW*84.5 KW*8
Main Machine (L*W*H) (mm)1550*1250*17701650*1350*18802200*1760*21002300*1980*22503150*2250*26003150*2550*2600
Net Weight of Machine (kg)140020003500450065006800

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