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2D Wire Bending Machine

2D Wire Bending Machine

The computer-controlled seven-axis synchronous full automatic 2D wire bending machine can convert the product immediately under the same line diameter and its own program; without the need of the special mold, it greatly reduces the time and cost of the newly developed product; the stereoscopic molding can produce a three-dimensional shape line molding product; with an auxiliary lifting platform, it can further guarantee the production. The stability and consistency of the product; the cutting knife can move down to allow more space for product molding.

Computer wire molding machine, instead of traditional manual mold production line molding products, the machine has stable molding, rapid production, simple debugging, everyone can operate. Full automatic production and so on. It is widely used in automobile parts, supermarket shelves, kitchen utensils, iron wire crafts, and other industries.

Automatic 2D Wire Bending Machine Works

1. the equipment selected sub-drive control high-precision servo motor wire, mechanical transmission selection of precision gear connection, always keep the same line feed accuracy and wire feed speed;

2. shear cylinder hydraulic station equipped with a forced air-cooled radiator, double the extension of the hydraulic system components life;

3. the control system using PLC and text display connection, both convenient operation, but also to ensure the stability of the control system, and the design of the production of preset function control machine running.

Automatic 2D Wire Bending Machine Structure Principle

1. by the precision servo motor drive wheel rotation, with PLC and text display instead of stepper motor controller, according to the need to arbitrarily modify the servo motor slow down the curve and the maximum speed of the servo motor to put an end to the impact of mechanical transmission, absolute To ensure that the actual transmission line length and the theoretical calculation of the length of the same;

2. in the design budget, the length of each MM has been divided into 10 pulses, to further ensure the length of the precision settings;

3. adjustable hydraulic cylinder cut, you can ensure the integrity of the circle incision, cutting time and retraction time can be directly modified in the text display;

4. the design of manual slow feeding, slow return function, easy to operate, reduce material loss.

2D Wire Bending Machine Technical Parameters:

(Model No.)4-80
No. of Axis4
Input OD of Wirehard materialsoft material
Φ3.0 ~φ 6.0mmΦ3.0 ~ φ8.0 mm
No. of Feeding Round3
Power of Wire Feeding Motor2.7KW
Power of Wire Cuter Motor1.0KW
Power of Moving Motor1.0KW
Power of Angle Control Motor1.5KW
Weight of Machine900KG
Input Power380V/50HZ/3PH
Size of Machine2250mm X 1100mm X 1720mm

Features of Sheet Metal Press Brake / Bending Machine

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake: Machine's CNC system is optional according to client requirement about an axis for press brake's working and Product accuracy.

2D  wire bending machine: CNC 2D wire bending machine is to produce kinds of wire forms expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese brand servo motor and screen display with the controller.

Roof tile Roll forming machine: It is widely used in industrial buildings, such as factory buildings, warehouses and so on. The high accurate machine series adapted with Plc control.

3-rollers plate bending machine: It is controlled by PLC, and the positioning of the rolls is digital readout. The upper roller is in the shape of a drum, accompany of the support rolls of two lower rollers for up and down adjustment, it can get the high precision for deviation from straightness of the finished products.

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