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Popular Science about Pipe Manufacturing Equipment

In the machinery manufacturing industry, the birth of a product often requires the cooperation of many machines, and this is also true in the ventilation duct production industry. What kind of duct manufacturing equipment is needed in daily air duct production?

The first duct manufacturing equipment we need is a pipeline production line, and this production line needs to include at least:

1. Feeding rack: electric feeding rack-table (two trays)

2. Leveling and beading machine: a set of beading and leveling devices

3. Point punching and square punching machines: four sets of hydraulic angle shearing machines (including molds)

4. Hydraulic shearing machine: one hydraulic shearing machine

The production line can realize the product from coil unwinding, leveling and crimping, shearing angle (including CS plug-in flange, TDF self-contained flange and TDC plug-in flange) and cut to length, which significantly improves the air duct production accuracy and stability. The maximum working speed is 16m/min, the length error is 0.5mm/m, and the diagonal error is +0.8mm/m. The working capacity of the loading rack can be professionally customized according to customer needs.

Then, we also need to use a multifunctional biting machine: suitable for the production of air ducts for ventilation, air conditioning, purification and other devices. According to the requirements, it can be made into various square and rectangular thin-plate air ducts. It is a variety of sheet metal processing, Indispensable mechanized duct manufacturing equipment such as air duct production.

Next, a common-plate flange forming machine is needed: the common-plate flange machine is a special equipment for flange forming on the connecting port of the air duct itself, especially suitable for the production of air ducts with a small cross-sectional area.

Next, there is a folding machine for the common plate flange: it is widely used for the bending of steel plates with a length of 2.5 meters and a plate thickness of 2.5 mm or less, non-ferrous metal plates, and stainless steel plates.

The last is the combination of multi-function corner code and check code punch. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China