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Notes for Installation of Duct Machine

Duct machine is a machine connecting an outdoor unit with an indoor unit by copper pipe, and lead the air supply pipe from the room to other rooms. The name of the air pipe unit comes from this. Its working mode is: the indoor heat exchanger is concentrated on an indoor unit, the cold air generated by the indoor unit is delivered to each room from the system air duct, and then sent back to the indoor unit through the return air duct, and then sent out after cooling and mixing part of the fresh air, which is a kind of central air conditioning of the whole air system.


Duct type

The main types of central air conditioning air ducts are white iron skin air ducts, fiberglass air ducts, aluminum foil composite insulation air ducts, etc. The air duct of white iron sheet is composed of white iron sheet and heat preservation material wrapped outside the white iron sheet, which is cheap, can be made on site and convenient for construction. Fiberglass duct is made of fiberglass, which is inconvenient for construction. The thermal insulation air duct of aluminum foil composite air conditioner is based on the cutting and assembly of polyurethane sandwich panel (both sides are pressed aluminum foil). It has outstanding characteristics that other kinds of air ducts can't match: light weight, smart shape, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient production and time saving.


Matters needing attention:


1) It is not allowed to drill holes in the beams, and the holes through the walls shall be as small as possible to make full use of the residential space.

2) The installation shall conform to the relevant national safety, construction and design specifications. When installing the air pipe, electric wire and refrigerant connecting pipe, it is required to be horizontal and vertical. After fixing the air supply outlet and the manual operator, it is also required to be horizontal and vertical.

3) The gradient of the horizontal pipe of the condensate pipe shall be larger than 8 ‰, and the riser shall be vertical. After installation, the drainage test shall be carried out to ensure smooth drainage, and the condensate pan shall be free of ponding and leakage.

4) The indoor unit must be installed firmly and horizontally without skewing. When installing outdoor unit, on the basis of firm installation, factors such as noise and exhaust do not affect neighbors, and the installation must be more than 2.5 meters above the ground, etc. shall be considered.

5) Before commissioning, it is necessary to check the refrigerant circuit, electrical wiring, condensate water pipe, air pipe and air outlet.

6) After installation, it is necessary to conduct detailed use and technical disclosure with the owner, so as to facilitate the owner to understand and correctly use the air conditioner to reduce unnecessary troubles.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China