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Maintenance of Electric Shearing Machine

The electric shearing machine adopts the clutch structure in the form of resistance key, the open gear for transmission, and the more advanced electrical appliances (footswitch, hand switch) for operation, resulting in low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. With all-welded steel structure, it is not only simple in structure and operation, but also has a beautiful shape and low energy consumption. It is widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, automobile maintenance, hardware manufacturing, and other sheet metal processing industries.

The electric shearing machine is mainly used for cutting irregular graphics in the plane. In theory, as long as it's a graph drawn by AUTOCAD, it can be cut. The following are the maintenance methods of the electric shearing machine:


1. Operate strictly under operating procedures.


2. Before each time start-up, add lubricating oil at a fixed time, point and quantity according to the requirements of the lubrication chart. The oil should be clean, without sediment.


3. The machine tool must always be clean, and the unpainted part should be coated with anti-rust grease.


4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing shall be replaced and filled regularly. Moreover, always check whether part of the electrical equipment works normally, safely, and reliably.


5. Regularly check whether the V-belts, handles, knobs, and keys are damaged. The severely worn parts shall be replaced in time and supplemented with spare parts.


6. Regularly check and repair the switches, fuses and handles to ensure the reliable operation.


7. Lubricate and scrub the machine for 10 minutes before off-duty every day.


8. It is forbidden to operate the equipment by non designated personnel. Normally, it is necessary to stop the equipment when people leave the machine.


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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China