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Maintenance of Angle Steel Punching Machine for Air Duct Production

The automatic air duct production line is composed of a variety of equipment. When it comes to its maintenance, it is inevitable that the maintenance of each equipment will be indispensable. Among them, the angle steel punching machine is a kind of punching tool commonly used in the air duct production line, and it must be carefully maintained to extend its service life. 

First, before use

1. Clean all dust and debris around the angle steel punching machine, especially the position of the lower die.

2. The transmission and the heavy part must be filled with lubricating oil, so that the equipment will run more smoothly and there will be no wear and other conditions.

Second, when using

1. Perform according to the standard operating specifications of angle steel punching machine equipment. Do not operate it privately to avoid damage.

2. If there is a strange or noisy sound when the angle punching machine is running, it needs to stop to check and repair the fault.

Third, after use

1. As before use, each position should be clean and easy to use for the next time to ensure good performance.

2. Regularly use anti-corrosive products for wiping, so that the mechanical parts will not be rusted prematurely and cannot be used normally.

As long as the maintenance work is done at each stage, it is believed that the probability of failure will be greatly reduced and the service life will be prolonged.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China