HVAC Duct Machines

MYT HVAC duct machine simplifies manual operation by completing a series of mature technological processes such as leveling, beading, notching, cutting, flange formation, and folding, thereby greatly improving its production efficiency. MYT has been developing and producing HVAC duct machines for 16 years and has the most advanced scientific research team in the HVAC industry. It is currently among the top 20 most advanced factories in China. MYT's top products in the HVAC industry include automatic production lines, square duct making machines, round duct making machines, and spiral duct machines. Our achievements have been recognized by customers worldwide, but we are still constantly breaking through ourselves.

Automatic Duct Line For Sale

MYT mainly manufactures auto duct line 2, 3, 5 and U shape auto duct line 5. The production line can simply complete complex and tedious processes, such as leveling, beading, notching, cutting, flange forming, and folding, which greatly reduces the inconvenience caused by manual operation. We not only consider the operation effect of the machine but also the customer's considerations, such as floor space and labor requirements, are within the research scope of our researchers.

HVAC Automatic Duct Production Line

Spiral Duct Forming Machine For Sale

Our spiral duct is the best in China. While satisfying the requirements of simple machine operation and fast production speed, customers of different types of machines can choose the most suitable cutting process such as plasma and saw blade cutting.

Spiral Duct Forming Machine

Round Duct Making Machine For Sale

MYT is one of the most advanced round duct making machine manufacturers in China. We produce asymmetrical electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct seaming machine, round duct grooving machine, stitch welding machine, pot welding machine to you.

Round Duct Making Machine

Methods to Solve Hvac Duct Machines in Troubling

1. Plate corrugated paper

The gap between the upper and lower rollers is adjusted by the hand wheel and screws to prevent the printing plate from wrinkling.

2. Punching and slotting failed

Check whether the blade is damaged and replace it if necessary.

Check the system pressure. If the pressure is insufficient, adjust the pressure. If the pressure still cannot be cut off, it may leak. Check for internal leaks and repair, and replace hydraulic cylinders if necessary.

If the pressure cannot be adjusted, please check whether the overflow valve is damaged, repair or replace the hydraulic valve.

3. Cutting and bending do not work

Check whether the gap between the upper and lower blades is too large, and whether the edge of the blade is damaged, please readjust the gap or replace the blade according to the actual situation.

Check the system pressure, if it is not enough, please remove the main cylinder hose and fill the opening with a plug, and then adjust the upper and lower pressures through the control switch (if it is two-way pressure)

The pressure is normal, repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

If there is no pressure in both directions, please block the oil supply pipe of the oil pump and check again. If there is still no pressure, repair or replace the oil pump and safety relief valve.

If the pressure on only one side is normal, please remove the main parts of the cylinder and check for other leaks. If so, replace the solenoid valve.

4. The decoiler is slipping and unable to eat

If the belt is not tensioned, please adjust the tensioning device;

If the belt is broken or severely worn, please replace the belt.

Check whether the switch wiring is good.

Check the rotation direction and rotation of the motor, if it does not rotate, please check whether the travel switch is turned on.

FAQs of HVAC Duct Machines

Q. For square duct production, how to decide whether to choose auto duct line or small machine combination?


This depends on the customer's production volume and budget. If the customer needs mass production and has a sufficient budget, then we recommend auto duct line. Compared with the combination of small machines, the auto duct line is an efficient and economical production method. It not only reduces the use of manual labor, but also greatly improves production efficiency. For customers with small batch production, it is more economical to choose a small machine combination.

Q. Where do you mainly sell air duct machines?


Our air duct machine for sale are sold all over the world, and are particularly popular in South America, the Middle East, and European markets.

Q. How long is your machine's service life and how long is the technology update period?


Our machines can generally be used for more than ten years. However, we recommend that customers update the machine within five years, so as to maximize production efficiency and product excellence rate. Regarding technological updates, various technologies are becoming mature, and it will take at least several decades to have new breakthroughs.

Q. What is the technological level of your spiral duct machines in China and the world?


Our spiral duct machine is the best product in China, and its technology is far ahead of other manufacturers. Even on a global scale, our machines are at the top level.

Q. Regarding aluminum flexible duct forming machine, is it better to choose solid glue or liquid glue?


Under the premise of meeting the budget, we recommend using liquid glue. Because the liquid glue solidifies faster, and the machine matched with the liquid glue has functions such as automatic cutting and shrinking, the production efficiency is also higher.

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