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HVAC Automatic Duct Production Line

MYT company has over 15 years of manufacturing and exporting experience in HVAC duct industry line. Our machines can be customized according to client requirements.

Automatic Duct Line For Sale

Auto Duct Production Line 2
This duct line 2 machine is very economic and finishes 4 steps, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle punching, and cutting.
Auto Duct Production Line 3
The duct line 3 machine can complete metal sheet leveling, grooving/beading, angle punching, cutting and folding with CNC automatic system.
Auto Duct Production Line 4
The auto duct production line 4 is composed of a material rack, a leveling rib, a sharp-mouth punching unit and a square-mouth punching unit, a cutting unit, a bending unit, a displacement biting unit, a grabbing robot unit, a double-machine linkage angle iron & TDF The flange forming unit is composed of.
Auto Duct Production Line 5
This straight auto duct production line 5 is a linear machine with four coils, including leveling, grooving/beading, angle punching, cutting, Pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming and bending.
U Shaped Auto Duct Production Line
The U shaped auto duct production line 5 is a small footprint than straight auto duct line 5, working functions and Speed is the same as straight auto duct production line 5.

Description of Duct Production Line

HVAC auto duct production line, which means some duct manufacture machines work automatic and achieve high efficiency.

MYT company helps customers to choose the most suitable air duct manufacture line machines for them. Auto duct production line includes auto duct line 2, auto duct line 3, auto duct line 4, straight auto duct line 5 and U shape auto duct line 5.

Features of Automatic Duct Line

Automatic duct production line 2: This line 2 machine has 4 functions, including leveling, grooving/trimming, angle cutting and cutting, which is more economical.

Automatic duct production line 3: Line 3 machines can complete the leveling, slotting/bedding, corner cutting, cutting and folding of the plate through the CNC automatic system. Faster and more convenient.

Automatic duct production line 4: This machine can complete all the processing steps before the duct is folded, including leveling, grooving/bedding, angle shear, cutting, locking forming and TDF flange forming.

Linear automatic duct production line 5: This linear machine can process thin sheet coils, including straightening, slotting/hemming, corner cutting, cutting, Pittsburgh clamping and forming, TDF flange forming and folding.

U-shaped automatic duct production line 5: Compared with the linear automatic duct production line 5, this machine requires faster processing speed and a smaller footprint. Its function is the same as the linear automatic air duct production line 5.

Maintenance of Automatic Duct Line

The normal operation and operation of the air duct production line are inseparable from the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and ensure that the daily air duct production will not fail or stop, the air duct production machine must be maintained and maintained. In order to maintain the air duct production line, we must start from all aspects.


1. The flexible pipe of the air pipe cleaning system requires high material, and must have the characteristics of dustproof, good air tightness and smooth inner wall. The connection between it and the duct equipment must be firmer. The appearance requirements of the tuyere are also stricter, the quality must be qualified, and the frame and blades must be flat and smooth.

2. When making the air door, there must be an opening and closing mark. The multi-leaf valve blades should always overlap, and the wheelbase deviation should be within 1mm. For flexible pipes, the tightness should be appropriate, the length should be within the construction specifications, and the design requirements should be met. Cracking and deformation are not allowed.

3. For the production requirements of the hood, its specific performance is complete shape, balanced center of gravity and size deviation within 2mm per meter. The rotating parts of the fire damper must be very corrosion-resistant, and its closure must be airtight and airtight. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China