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HVAC Automatic Duct Making Machine & Manufacturing Machine

HVAC duct manufacture machines have many kinds of machines including auto duct line, TDF flange forming machine, manual bending machine, Pittsburgh lock forming machine beading grooving machine, seam closing machine and so on. They belong to different types and functions. They are mainly used by user for process galvanized sheet from decoiler, leveling, grooving, punching hole, bending forming, hydraulic cutting, closing Pittsburgh corner, install corner and finally finished rectangular duct.


Regarding different automated distinction, duct working machines can be divided into automatic duct manufacture line and semi-auto duct manufacture machines. The automatic duct manufacture line is including auto line 2, auto line 3, auto line 4, auto line 5. Which can be operated by CNC System and finish all kinds of different rectangular pipe. It designed according to domestic and foreign's ventilation making, also combine multiple functions into one machine. It helps customers save a lot of labor cost and improve work efficiency. Duct line machine’s control system has a feedback system that guarantees smooth and accurate operation by an industrial servo motor.


MYT is professional in providing all kinds of duct working machines for every customer from all over the world and provide the best solution for then in the ventilation duct making line and sheet metal line.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
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