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How to Clean Spiral Air Duct Machine

Speaking of spiral ducts, I believe that most people may not feel strange, because it is very common in industrial production and daily life and is also very common. We all know that the machine has been used for a long time, and it must be regularly maintained and cleaned. So how to clean the spiral duct? MYT Company will introduce the cleaning method in detail:

There are three ways to clean the most efficient ducts:


Vacuum suction

Operate with a vacuum suction tube similar to a handgrip. Use a brush to directly touch the inner wall of the pipe to remove dirt. This method requires a large manhole for the duct to allow the operator to obtain as much as possible but this method is most likely to miss a portion of dust and dirt because the duct cannot form a complete negative pressure condition. The following methods can form negative pressure conditions.


Power scrubbing

The dirt is brushed with a pneumatic or electric brush, and the dirt is sucked into the vacuum collector in the same manner and direction as the gas flush. This method requires care as much as possible to not damage the appearance of the insulation material.


Gas Flush

This method delivers compressed air by means of a nozzle-equipped hose connected to the duct. The nozzles are designed to allow compressed air to drive in dust and dirt. The dirt and dust that is dried by the compressed air are transported along the duct to the vacuum manifold.

We often have a variety of opportunities to contact with pipeline products in our lives. Life is closely linked, especially ventilation ducts. Whether it is entertainment venues, restaurants or even factories, ventilation ducts are indispensable. Since the product was introduced, it has swept the entire market because of its own characteristics and low price, and it has also been welcomed by many manufacturers. In use, it is necessary to learn to maintain and clean the ventilation ducts, so that it can play its own role better. Ventilation pipelines play an increasingly important role in the processing of life.

The above is the most effective cleaning method. If it can be combined in one piece, it is better, but in general, the pipeline cleaning mainly relies on the filter section of the air-conditioner box, insisting on cleaning, supplemented by the above cleaning means. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China