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Daily Maintenance For Duct Production Line

The duct production line plays a very important role in the enterprise production, so the maintenance of it is very important. Although the duct production line is only mechanical processing, its importance to the enterprise is similar to the importance of automobile to us. Only after careful maintenance can we make the production efficiency of the air duct production line play and create more value for the enterprise. Therefore, how to carry out the daily maintenance of duct production line? Please take a look at the introduction of the manufacturer of the duct production line.


1. In transporting duct production line, select the machine for lifting. If you have to use manpower to carry, do not use too much force to damage the machine.


2. Regularly add the right amount of lubricating oil to the driving teeth of the duct production line, which can greatly reduce the wear degree of the machine in operation..


3. Keep the appearance of duct production line clean at all times, and apply anti rust grease to the surface when it is not used for a long time..


4. Check the working condition of the duct production line frequently, and correct the problems in time to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.


5. Generally, the maintenance cycle of the duct production line is half a year. Dismantle the machine and equipment for inspection and maintenance.

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China