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Basic Introduction about Electric Guillotine Shearing Machine

The working principle of the electric guillotine shearing machine is that the upper blade is fixed on the knife holder, the lower blade is fixed on the lower bed surface, the supporting ball is installed on the bed surface, so as to facilitate the feeding movement of the sheet material, and the rear material blocking plate is used for the sheet material positioning. The position is adjusted by the adjustment pin. The hydraulic press barrel is used to compress the sheet to prevent the sheet from turning over during shearing. The shed is a safety device to prevent accidents.

Adjust the front bezel 

Hold the tailgate against the lower edge, and then press the template against the rear bezel to hold the front bezel against the template and fix it. Loosen the tailgate, remove the template, load the sheet, and cut.

Adjust the backside baffle

Align the sample plate with the lower knife-edge, and then press the backplate against the template and fix it, remove the template, and then load the plate for cutting. 

Classification of shearing machine 

Metal shearing machine; guillotine shearing machine; swing beam shearing machine; hydraulic swing beam shearing machine; hydraulic guillotine shearing machine; CNC shearing machine; hydraulic shearing machine; shearing machine; large shearing machine; Simple shearing machine; precision shearing machine; pedal shearing machine

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Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China