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Application of Automatical Control System in Pipeline Production Line

With the large-scale application of central air conditioning, the demand for HVAC pipes is also increasing. The so-called air duct is a pipe system for air transmission and distribution, which is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibitions, theatres and other commercial public places. The air duct production line is composed of feeding frame, leveling and pressing machine, hydraulic angle shearing machine for punching point and square mouth, hydraulic guillotine shear machine and hydraulic flanging machine.

1. Process requirements of automatic duct production line control system

Each air duct shall be bent 3 times, punched 2 times in the large mold, punched 3 times in the small square mold and cut 1 time-- 9 procedures in total. And when each procedure is executed, the servo will stop. After the procedure is completed, the servo will start automatically. The distance that the servo drives each time is different. The distance that each step takes and the procedure after the stop should be determined according to the size of the air duct. According to the calculation, the procedures of punching the small square mold and bending are crossed regularly. Different sizes of pipes cross in different ways. For example, when making relatively small pipes, all three small square moulds have been made, without even one bend. Some pipes are made of two square molds, with one bend below, another small square mold and two bends.

2. Design of control system for automatic duct production line

Making a complete air duct needs 9 mechanical procedures and 8 automatical starts and stops of  the servo. The running distance of each time depends on the width and height of the set pipe. But the number of mechanical procedure is fixed. We can calculate the total distance of the servo, and divide it into eight sections. After calculation, there are three distances to hit the small square mold from the origin. Through different settings, three distances can be calculated through the formula. These three distances correspond to the actions to hit the small square mold. Through this method, the corresponding length of these nine procedures can be find out, and then their corresponding procedures can be determined.

3. Operation effect of control system of automatic duct production line

It can be seen from the operation of the system that the production accuracy and stability of the air duct production line are significantly improved. In the case of automatic opening, if the auxiliary materials of any length are opened, the air duct machine automatically stops when the set amount of production is completed.

All above is the application of automatical control system in pipeline production line. For more details, you can contact MYT. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China