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Advantages of Spiral Duct in the Ventilation Industry

Spiral ducts have been widely used in ventilation and air-conditioning systems since they entered the market with their excellent performance and low price. Most of the products are widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, dust removal, airports, tunnel bridges. Construction industry, spiral duct machine manufacturers after years of research and introduction of advanced technology development of spiral duct machine has reached the domestic advanced level. The main uses of spiral ducts are as follows:

(1) Ventilation system: send fresh air and exhaust, discharge harmful gases to the outside, and send fresh outdoor air to the room. In general, the ventilation system has a large flow rate, so it is required to use a less resistant air delivery pipe to save cost and operating costs - spiral ducts are most suitable. In general, galvanized iron pipes are used, and stainless steel pipes are used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

(2) Air-conditioning system: The spiral duct can be covered with thermal insulation material and has a beautiful appearance.

(3) Exhaust system: The kitchens of restaurants, restaurants and hotels have a large amount of soot, which needs to be discharged. It is suitable to use spiral ducts, which is good in strength and economical.

(4) Dust removal system: For the collection and transportation of the dust removal device, a spiral duct can be used.

(5) Bulk material transportation: pneumatic conveying system, some looser material particles can be transported by spiral air duct, which has low cost and good effect.

Spiral duct characteristics


A: According to national regulations, the same pipe diameter, the thickness of the plate is reduced by 10-15%. (Main material cost is reduced by 10-15%)

B: Under the same conditions, the full-size auxiliary materials (hanging keys, etc.) have simple results, a small number, and the installation cost of the auxiliary materials is reduced by 30%.

C: The lifting efficiency is doubled compared with the rectangular duct during construction.

D: Under the same conditions, the low-speed air supply and exhaust air can be changed into high-speed air supply and exhaust, and the system design can reduce the total air duct, which is not only economical but also saves space.


A: Under the same plate thickness and the same pipe diameter, the spiral duct has high strength.

B: The outer shape of the air duct is round and the appearance is beautiful.

C: Under the same section, the circular duct has a reasonable tension than the rectangular duct, which greatly increases the rigidity of the duct and significantly reduces the chattering noise.

D: Under the same length, the number of flange connections is small, and the performance of the bees is better than that of the rectangular ducts, which greatly improves the ventilation quality of the system.


A: High-efficiency construction, used in large projects with short construction periods.

B: Mechanized production, fast and efficient.

C: The number of connecting flanges is small, and the lifting connection work is reduced by about 50%.

D: Small diameter spiral wind pipe single lifting point, lifting fast and efficient.

E: No on-site processing procedures are required, and on-site operators and management procedures are reduced.

F: Compared with the rectangular air duct, the matching special-shaped pipe fittings have high standardization degree, simple lifting and greatly reduced error probability. +86-15951670606
Room 1803, 2nd, 2501 Lane, Guyang North Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China