About MYT

About MYT

MYT was established in Shanghai ,Head office is in Suzhou . With the development of world-class sheet metal processing equipment and HVAC duct making machines as its strategic policy, MYT is constantly exploring and breaking through the technical bottlenecks of various equipment. In the past ten years, MYT has paid great attention to the development of the R&D team and invested nearly 10% of its sales in the R&D center every year. It currently has a top R&D team of dozens of people. With the continuous development and growth of the company, MYT has mastered more than 80% of its peers in the industry for half a century. Now, MYT has been among the ranks of world-class equipment R&D and production. However, the company continues to break through various technical difficulties with the goal of "developing the world's top equipment". The main products developed are CNC press brake, HVAC duct machine, CNC fiber laser cutting machines, 2D and 3D wire bending machine, Camless spring machine, and various other equipment. 

At present, MYT’s factory has a total area of 90,000 square meters  .MYT adheres to the concept of providing high-quality machines at reasonable prices to customers all over the world and provide good services to nearly 100 countries. In the process of continuous. There is no best MYT, only better MYT.

We Are Providing The Best Metal Processing Equipments
HVAC Duct Machines
MYT HVAC duct machine simplifies manual operation by completing a series of mature technological processes such as leveling, beading, notching, cutting, flange formation, and folding, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. MYT company helps customers to choose the most suitable HVAC duct machines. So we have different types of HVAC duct machines, including HVAC automatic duct production line, rectangular duct forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, round duct making machines for you.
Press Brake
MYT NC and CNC press brake realize the bending function by controlling the back gauge and slide stroke. MYT chooses the most advanced driving mode of the hydraulic, and servo-hydraulic. CNC press brake equipped with elctro-hydraulic servo system to control left and right side of cylinder. We promise we can provide fast quick clamp for CNC press brake for you.
CNC Cutting Machine
CNC cutting machine including shearing machine, CNC fiber laser cutting machine, band saw machine and so on. They are widely used in light industry, construction, ship building, electrical appliances, chemical, automobile part. Our laser cutting machine can cut various metal materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and choose different power products according to different thicknesses.
Metal Bending Machine
MYT brand bending machine consists of several types, like 2D/3D wire bending machine,3 roller or 4 roller plate bending machine, CNC pipe bending machine, profile bending machine, hydraulic pan brake folder, hydraulic embossing press machine and roof tile roll forming machine. We can offer these different types of metal bending machines with precise results.
Camless Spring Machine
MYT Company offers CNC camless spring machine and CNC spring coiling machines to you. A special Camless design equipped with custom tooling enables our series of spring machines to easily produce a variety of springs and wire forms. Compared with the CNC spring coiling machine, the camless machine basically uses a servo motor, which can independently control each station.
CNC Punching Machine
CNC punching machine relies on high-tech DT and DE series of MYT new turret punch presses. MYT can provide you with three types of CNC punching machines, including CNC servo turret punching machine, CNC mechanical turret punching machine and CNC power press machine. Our CNC punching machine has the characteristics of high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-noise, high-accuracy, and can realize much processing like cutting, forming, rolling, lettering, and so on. +86-15951670606
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