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Featured Products - HVAC Duct Making Machine Series

MYT mainly produces air duct machine manufacturing machines, using high-quality imported parts and CNC systems with high efficiency.
Covering HVAC automated production lines, rectangular duct machines, spiral duct machines, circular duct machines and other equipment.

HVAC Automatic Production Line

HVAC Automatic production line

· auto duct production line 2
· auto duct production line 3
· auto duct production line 4
· auto duct production line 5
Rectangular Duct Making Machines

Rectangular duct making machines

· Manual folding machine
· Electric folding machine
· Electric shearing machine
· Manual TDF folding machine
· Electric TDF folding machine
· Beading machine
· TDF flange forming machine
· Plasma cutting machine
· pittsburgh lock forming machine
· hydraulic lock seam closing machine
· electric seam closing machine
· TDF corner installation machine
· corner punching machine
· clinching machine
· angle steel notching machine
· flexible duct connctor machine ​​​​​​​​​​​​
Spiral Duct Making Machines

Spiral duct making machines

· Spiral duct forming machine
· electric elbow making machine
· hydraulic elbow making machine
· stitchwelder machine
· spot welding machine
· angle steel round flange forming machine
· round flange punching machine
· oval duct forming machine
· flexible duct forming machine
· Aluminum duct forming machine
Round Duct Making Machines

Round duct making machines

· Electric rolling machine
· round duct lock forming machine
· round duct seam closing machine
· duct grooving machine
· bellow tube forming machine

We Also Produce

Press Brake

Press Brake

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Wire Bending Machine

Wire Bending Machine

Punching Mahcine

Punching Mahcine


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"There is no best MYT, only better MYT."

About MYT - HVAC Duct Machines and Sheet Metal Equipment Manufacturer

MYT(Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd , based in Suzhou with Shanghai origins, leads in HVAC duct machines and sheet metal equipment. 

With 20 years’ experience, MYT invests heavily in R&D, surpassing 80% of industry rivals. Core products include HVAC duct machines, CNC press brakes, and fiber laser cutters. 

Operating in 100+ countries, MYT delivers quality machines at competitive prices, excelling in HVAC duct machines. MYT’s precision engineering offers tailored solutions, setting standards in the sector. 

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Why Choose MYT?

Leading R&D

MYT’s top-notch R&D team drives innovation in sheet metal processing and HVAC duct making machines, positioning the company as a global leader.

Global Service

MYT offers high-quality machines and excellent customer support to clients in nearly 100 countries, ensuring prompt assistance for any operational needs.

Tailored Solutions

MYT provides diverse products, including HVAC duct machines, tailored to specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal performance for various industrial needs.

Advanced Equipment

Equipped with cutting-edge processing technology, MYT delivers high-quality machines meeting international standards, certified with ISO9001:2008 and CE.



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